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MLB says EBIDTA has been within $250 million of

Sure. If your idea of great is trying to watch a football game surrounded by drunk, overweight slovenly mongoloids while sitting on a frozen iron bar for a seat. It’s the last remaining stadium in the NFL with bleachers. There are several challenges to symptom screening, including that a substantial proportion of infected people show very mild or even no symptoms, especially early on. And yet they can be contagious. One recent study by prominent scientists at UCLA, NIH, and University of Chicago estimated that screening for symptoms of COVID 19 will miss more than half of infected people because they have not yet developed symptoms and are unaware they were exposed.

SYLVAN CIRCLE: The Sylvan Circle Tour organizing committee has cancelled the 20th anniversary 2020 tour. Factors due to COVID 19, including physical isolation measures, social distancing, and restrictions on public gatherings, would significantly affect the committee ability to successfully carry out the tour, says a media release. Understand the financial impact that this will have on tour participants as well as rural communities.

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